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Quilting Services


Edge to Edge Machine Guided Quilting- You can pick your own pattern from the selection in (Stitch Patterns) or I can pick one for you. These patterns start at 2 cents per sq. inch - 2.5 cents per sq. inch. Depending on density. 

You can estimate the cost of your edge to edge quilting by taking the height and multiply by the length then multiply by .0200 or .0250 and you will get your total.

Semi-Custom Quilting-  This service is a combination of digital patterns and free motion quilting (hand guided). Starting price is 2.5 cents per sq. inch and up depending on design.

Custom Freemotion Quilting – This is a custom one of a kind freemotion quilting service. I can collaborate with you or build a design based on your quilt top. Custom quilting starts at 3 cents per sq. inch and up.

Backing, Batting and Binding are not included in price per sq. inch. 


Sewing Services

Art & Custom Quilt tops:  

Danielle’s Quilts can make the quilt of your dreams. Experienced in traditional piecing, paper piecing and applique. The only limits is your imagination. Let’s start collaborating!

Memory Quilts:  

Do you have a pile of shirts from a high school sport, shirts from a beloved family member or baby clothes you would like to turn into a treasured quilt?  Danielle's Quilts can transform those items into a beautiful heirloom.  Give me a call today, we would love to help you in any way we can.  Please call for prices or email for pricing.

Baby Quilts

We would love to mark that special delivery with a special quilt.  Embroidered names can be added!

Vintage Quilt Top Repairs

Did you inherit or do you have a vintage quilt top or quilt that needs some TLC? Danielle’s Quilts will lovingly repair and or requilt that special treasure. Free Quotes. Prices based on each individual quilt need.

Binding Services 

Danielle's Quilts provides hand binding and machine binding services.

Hand binding - 25 cents per inch.

Machine binding - 15 cents per inch.

Danielle's Quilts  gladly accepts mail orders.